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trattoria food, Little Italy Feast, Edwards Communications

2016-2020 1st place champ: Trattoria on the Hill

trattoria food, Little Italy Feast, Edwards Communications trattoria food, Little Italy Feast, Edwards Communications Trattoria Beer Garden, Little Italy Feast, Edwards Communications

(Updated August 2022)  This is going out to real foodies: Let’s face it. We’re dealing with mass quantities of food here and there’s an art to it. Trattoria mastered this art years ago. It’s my go-to place for sausage/pizza sandwich, eggplant and stuffed peppers.

I mean, if you can do eggplant this tender and good in mass quantities, you got serious skill and organization going on in that kitchen!


Here’s a quick video for novice Feast goers:

2022 1st place champ: TBD

I must say that I was very disappointed with Trattoria’s pizza this year and they ran out of their world famous eggplant roullettes Saturday, so that bummed us out.

The best sausage/pizza this year was from Corbo’s side (see video below). And I have two more trips to The Feast this year before I make this bold decision. Please give us your opinion in the comments below.


I went to the Feast each night, and I can honestly say that each night would have featured a different winner of “Best” this or that. Each vendor took turns running out of their favorites – except Mia Bella -they remained well stocked with their usual quality variety of pasta offerings, but at $14 per small bowl, they weren’t selling very much the last couple days.

I’d say Corbos, Trattoria and Maxi’s were tied for best overall – just depended on which day you went. 

Best Dessert

Corbos, Little Italy , Edwards CommunicationsC’mon. If you never had Corbo’s Tiramisu, then you haven’t lived. Anytime of year, this tiramisu is something to be remembered. I don’t think anyone will top them anytime soon.