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The annual Little Italy Feast of the Assumption (referred to informally as The Feast) is a four-day Catholic street festival centered on Holy Rosary Church on Mayfield Road near its intersection with Murray Hill Road in Cleveland's Little Italy neighborhood.

August 2024 Feast dates:

Thursday, August 15 – Noon to 10:30pm

Friday, August 16 – 6pm to Midnight

Saturday, August 17 –Noon to 11pm

Sunday, August 18 – Noon to 10pm

For detailed itinerary and Mass schedule, click here.

For more info, contact the Holy Rosary Church
12021 Mayfield Rd, Cleveland, OH 44106
(216) 421-2995

FREE Feast 2024 poster

Choice of 3 • Click on image to download our PDF containing three 12 x 18″ versions of the 2024 Feast of the Assumption poster. Distribute and display at will. Special thanks to Greg Mangino for creating them.

Little Italy Feast of the Assumption 2024

Little Italy’s Feast of the Assumption 2023 kickoff

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Feast 2022 kickoff

Little Italy Feast of the Assumption 2022
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Gusto patio, Little Italy Feast, Edwards Communications
Cleveland's Feast of the Assumption in Little Italy

Best Places to Eat

Best overall food at the Feast

Best overall food at the Feast

2016-2020 1st place champ: Trattoria on the Hill (Updated August 2022)  This is going out to real foodies: Let's face it. We're dealing with mass quantities of food here and there's an art to it. Trattoria mastered this art years ago. It's my go-to place for...

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Best Places to Party

Nido’s and Gusto’s patio

Nido’s and Gusto’s patio Authentic, traditional all-day celebration Each year the patio behind Nido Italia Restaurant and Gusto Ristorante Italiano transforms into one of the go-to places to party in Little Italy. While frequented by many out of towners, the patio...

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Best Parking/Transportation Options

Self park and ride (bike)

Self park and ride (bike)

(Updated August 2022) Parking in Little Italy anytime of year is its downfall As a many year veteran of the Little Italy Feast and long time Heights resident, I can tell you that, as much as I love Little Italy, I loathe the lack of parking. Most people see their...

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Cle Lemonade at The Feast in Little Italy

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